Encyclopedia Of Biomaterials And Biomedical Engineering (2nd Ed.) (four-volume Set)

de Geoffrey Willans

Sinopsis de Encyclopedia Of Biomaterials And Biomedical Engineering (2nd Ed.) (four-volume Set):

Written by more than cuatrocientos subject experts representing diverse academic and applied domains, this multidisciplinary resource surveys the vanguard of biomaterials and biomedical engineering technologies utilizing biomaterials that lead to quality-of-life improvements. Building on traditional engineering principles, it serves to bridge advances in materials science, life sciences, nanotechnology, and cell biology to innovations in solving medical problems with applications in tissue engineering, prosthetics, drug delivery, biosensors, and medical devices.

In nearly trescientos entries, this four-volume Encyclopedia of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, Second Edition covers:

essential topics integral to tissue engineering research: bioreactors, scaffolding materials and fabrication, tissue mechanics, cellular interaction, and development of major tissues and organs being attempted by researchers worldwide

artificial lungs and muscles, bio-artificial livers, and corneal, bucal, inner ear, and total hip implants

tissue engineering of blood vessels, heart valves, ligaments, microvascular networks, skeletal muscle, and skin

bone remodeling, bone cement, and bioabsorbable bone plates and screws

controlled drug delivery, insulin delivery, and transdermal and ocular implant-based drug delivery

endovascular stent grafts, vascular grafts, and xenografts

3-D medical imaging, electrical impedance imaging, and intravascular ultrasound

biomedical, protein adsorption, and in vivo cardiovascular modeling

polymer foams, biofunctional and conductive polymers, and electroactive polymeric materials

blood-material interactions, the bone-implant interfaz, host reactions, and foreign body responsees

and much more

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Autor: Geoffrey Willans
Editorial: Crc Press
Fecha de Publicación: 2008
Lugar de Edición: Madrid, España
Encuadernación: Tapa Dura
Idioma: Castellano
ISBN: 9781420078022