de Andrew Rosenheim

Sinopsis de Forward:

Jane found herself one bright sunny morning sitting on the edge of a cliff. The sun was high in the sky. The seagulls were hovering over head as they dived into the sea ready to catch their first meal of the day. It was a lovely sight to see. However, she had been there quite a long time, and at last now she knew what she was going to do. And as the excitement grew, she couldn’t wait to tell her husband Ben; she hoping he would be in the same mind as her; however, time will tell.
At last, after all the months of not knowing, it all be came clear yes they were retiring to Spain.

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Autor: Andrew Rosenheim
Editorial: Atlantic Books: Grove Atlantic Ltd
Fecha de Publicación: 2010
Lugar de Edición: España
Encuadernación: Tapa Blanda
Idioma: Castellano
ISBN: 9788499460697