(ref. 717-4) Cascada Floral Ebano Midi

de Dany Laferriere

Sinopsis de (ref. 717-4) Cascada Floral Ebano Midi:

Providing a fascinating glimpse into the creative process of French textile design, this journal draws inspiration from a striking pattern featuring elements from the natural world. Intricate, lush foliage and flowers were hand-painted or block-printed on paper to create this master pattern dating from the 1860s, which would have been used to create a template for the mass production of the fabric.

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Autor: Dany Laferriere
Editorial: Hartley & Marks Publishers Inc
Fecha de Publicación: 2008
Lugar de Edición: Dublin
Encuadernación: Sin Definir
Idioma: Castellano
ISBN: 9781551567174