(ref. 730-3) Designer Burdeos En Canale Delgado

de Sebastian Barry

Sinopsis de (ref. 730-3) Designer Burdeos En Canale Delgado:

Our Designer Wraps series comprises a beautifully produced smythe sewn journal which provides a creative playground for writing. An elegant and sophisticated blend of textured materials and textures in a tasteful range of colors, this wrap makes a versatile companion for use in the home, office or on the go. A spacious memento pouch provides a haven for all those loose papers and aprecies collected along the way, and a ribbon marker helps you to find where you left off. When the flap is open, the right half of the front cover in black is revealed.

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Autor: Sebastian Barry
Editorial: Hartley & Marks Publishers Inc
Fecha de Publicación: 2008
Lugar de Edición: Dublin
Encuadernación: Sin Definir
Idioma: Castellano
ISBN: 9781551567303